WTG Commissioning Technician

Directly Reports To:Site Manager
Indirectly Reports To: 
Business Unit:Construction India & NSEA
Division:SBU, Asia Pacific
Location:Vestas Sites
Prepared By:MOAPI
Approved By: 
Last Amended By:VARAG
Next Amendment Date: 

Position Purpose:

Responsible for commissioning of Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) as per project schedule.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Perform the commissioning activities as per project schedule.
  • Execute reliability tests on WTGs as per Contractual requirements.
  • Achieve Loss Production Factor (LPF) targets as per Vestas requirements.
  • Handing over of WTGs to Customer / Vestas’ Customer Service department.
  • Support installation activities as may be required at site.


  • Conduct due diligence check of mechanical and electrical completion of WTG prior to commissioning.
  • Responsible for pre-commissioning & commissioning of WTGs as per Vestas Standards and adhering to project schedules.
  • Planning, maintaining, and optimizing commissioning spares & calibration tools, Personal protective equipment (PPEs) and maintain all related records.
  • Analysing the WTG performance after commissioning and preparation for conducting reliability tests.
  • Managing Non-conformity reports (NCRs) of commissioning.
  • Perform WTG audits, closing of punch lists and handing over WTGs to Customer/ Vestas Customer Service Department.
  • Support in installation activities viz-a-viz crane co-ordination, material co-ordination, unloading/ loading, preparation & rigging activities.
  • Impart on the job training on commissioning to installation engineers/ freshers and contribute in development of Installation & Commissioning organization.
  • Work closely with all relevant stakeholders to ensure progress in as per project schedule.
  • Initiate mitigation measures in the event of any anticipated delay in commissioning progress.
  • Strong focus on quality and safety.

Position Requirements: (provide position requirements as they relate to the following)


Experience (Types of experiences expected or required to successfully carry out the position, e.g. specific industry experience.)

  • Minimum requirement of Diploma in Electrical
  • Minimum 3 years of work experience in commissioning of WTGs.

Essential Skills

  • Good understanding of Electrical circuits / Hydraulic circuits and drive trains in WTGs.
  • Hands-on experience in troubleshooting and rectification.
  • Basic knowledge of SCADA.
  • Basic knowledge in safety and working at heights.
  • Basic computing skills and ability to work on online reporting systems.
  • Effective Communication skills.
  • Effective reporting skills.
  • Proficiency in coordinating skills.

Critical Personality Attributes

  • Attention to detail.
  • Target oriented
  • Good team player.
  • Flexible and mobile.
  • Working under pressure.

Languages (Specific language needs.)

  • English.
  • Knowledge of any language added advantage.

Other Needs

  • Commitment to honesty, confidentiality and integrity.

Travel Requirements:

  • This position requires travel (international and domestic) to any Vestas sites, as per project needs.
  • Must hold a valid International Driving License.

Shift Requirements:

  • Flexibility is essential.
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